Maximize the value of your gift to ESLC

East Side Learning Center has several timely challenge matches totaling $50,000 from Otto Bremer Trust and the Katherine B. Andersen Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation. Help us reach our goal to raise $50,000 and receive all of the matches by the end of 2017!

  • Dollar for dollar, every gift from new donors are doubled. 
  • Dollar for dollar, contributions from lapsed donors who have not given for a year or more are matched. 
  • Dollar for dollar, the increased portion of contributions from those who donated last year are doubled. 

United Way Cuts Impacting ESLC

The Greater Twin Cities United Way recently cut all literacy tutoring funding, including a grant for East Side Learning Center amounting to over one-third of our budget. Your gift today ensures we can continue to provide high-quality tutoring for our most vulnerable children.

Tapping Into Your Company's Dollars

Many businesses support the contribution and volunteer efforts of their employees and retirees. Matching gift programs and grants to nonprofits where employees volunteer are extensions of corporate philanthropy. Please help ESLC tap into these dollars by contacting your human resources department. Request a matching gift form from your employer. Then contact us at (651) 793-7331 or email We will do the rest! Read more about employee matching grants

Introducing the Sister Audrey Children's Reading Fund

After guiding ESLC for more than 16 years, Sister Audrey Lindenfelser, SSND, retired as Executive Director. On Wednesday, May 24, 2017, the community honored her commitment, humility and leadership by launching the Sister Audrey Children's Reading Fund. Read about the event and how to contribute to the fund.

Your gift makes a difference!

  • $20 - $44
  • $45 - $90
  • $91 - $135
  • $136 - $180
  • $181 - $215
  • $216 - $1k+


Prefer not to donate online? 
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East Side Learning Center
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Thank you for helping us so the ESLC will keep on going because a lot of boys and girls want to learn to read!     ~Sarah, Student

The ESLC is a highly effective, well-managed non-profit organization that accomplishes tremendous results on a very lean budget.
~Cara Quinn, Executive Director, Community of Peace Academy


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