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Who We Are


The Power of Mission

Since 2001, East Side Learning Center (ESLC) has been supporting our community’s most vulnerable children - those facing barriers to education, such as homelessness, poverty, trauma, disabilities, and racial bias. ESLC envisions a community where all children read with pride and joy. Our mission empowers children to be successful in school, graduate, and succeed in their future careers. ESLC provides one-to-one supplemental literacy support and mentoring relationships that help children thrive. ESLC offers a high quality program, rooted in best practices based on current data and the Science of Reading.  

Our Sustaining Beliefs: 

Reading is a power for a lifetime. 

Every child has a right to the power of reading. 

Advocates take action to invest in a child’s brighter future. 

Developing the next generation of readers and citizen leaders.